Our Story

The passion, we at Karim London, possess for chic and stylish fashion is derived from our influence of the middle-east and Dubai in particular. We cherish the ideology that a woman should be independent, glamorous yet modest, thus we have incorporated this thought into each and every product. From our plush kaftan dress to the sheen diamond clutch, our products emphasise nothing but intricate detail and superior quality. We offer sizes at different lengths, from the petite female to the larger lady in order to fulfil the desire of every sophisticated woman. We pride ourselves on elegance and class, hence we are confident our garments are suitable for any occasion, from that modern evening dress to the classic wedding. The innovation we retail is hand-picked by the founder and creative director of Karim London, Khadija Sufi and Abdulkarim Mohamed. Inspired by ladies fashion, they promise unique luxury in each piece. Karim London aspires to embed the alluring arabic culture into western design. Karim London know that global fashion trends for women reveal that if there is one segment that has experienced a significant makeover in the recent past and has undergone a sea of change, it is undoubtedly the wardrobe of the 21st century Muslim woman. Karim London are a company who are at the fore front of the London, Dubai, and middle east fashions, supplying our ranges of beautiful abaya dresses, kaftan dresses, muslim evening dresses and many more quality made and extremely elegant Muslim dresses, muslim scarfs and evening bags and clutches to make every Muslim women look and feel classy and elegant. Interestingly enough, this transition has in no way touched the real essence of Islamic attire. Outfits and accessories styles that were worn hundreds of years ago are still worn today with pride and enthusiasm by Muslim women around the world. Abaya and including Kaftan dresses, all of which constitute to the essential Muslim dress style for women, with classic design and the underlying look and style. For many parts throughout the world it is very fashionable in todays world to have a variety of colours, patterns, styles and made with craftsmanship which adorns Muslim fashions. Karim London have been successfully crafted beautiful Muslim dresses with fabric, texture, prints and other considerations such as beads, dresses with embroidery beautifully added and also adding lace without changing the core design to become the excellent choice for elegance, whether it may be for evening dresses, weddings or even beach wear. We have the perfect design just for you. With the arrival of Internet e-commerce on the worldwide fashion horizon in which you can purchase abaya kaftan dresses online regardless of its origin and ethnicity has also reached out and touched Muslim fashions. When it comes to Abayas these is no exceptions. You can now wear exquisitely designed and elegantly made abayas even if you are thousands of miles away from the store.