Karim London are delighted to stock a wide range of Arabic abayas to suit every occasion. A quality Islamic abaya is always designed with sophistication and modesty in mind, which is exactly what you will find when you browse our extensive collection of clothing. We offer an incredibly versatile wardrobe to ensure that you will stand out from the crowd, whilst looking entirely respectful in your luxury clothing. As a leading online store, you can be assured that we take the time to design our clothing to a superior level of quality.

Muslim Abayas For Every Occasion

If you are looking for a modern abaya, black or even a heavy embroidery abayas, then you have come to the right place. At Karim London, we guarantee that you will be able to find the perfect garment from our collection. Whether you are looking for a special item to celebrate a wedding, Eid or a day at Mosque, you’ll need stylish and graceful attire that fits the bill. At Karim London there is no cap on the level of time and effort we spend to ensure each dress is crafted to a phenomenal standard. Our abayas for Eid and formal occasions are also appropriate for more casual events as well as travel. If you are venturing to Hajj or Umrah, then you’ll need a relaxed and comfortable fit.

Versatile Arabic Abayas

The finished look can depend on how you choose to accessorise this modest garment. Some of our stylish abayas are available in an open kimono style and can easily be fastened at the side as required. We also stock a wide range of luxury dresses, which can be accessorised with an attractive Hijab and belt as desired. Karim London offers a range of designs which are suitable for any event or situation. Our team will take the time to not only concentrate on creating a beautiful garment, but also to imagine how the wearer will move and feel comfortable in it. By doing so, our online collection of abayas is renowned across the Muslim community as being the number one shopping destination for modest and sophisticated clothing. The beauty of this style of garment is that you can wear it in a vast number of ways, and of course in different colours too.

Colour Choices For Your Islamic Abaya

Karim London understands how much of a statement can be made with a splash of colour. That is why we offer Middle Eastern abayas in a range of tones, from soft pastels and blush shades through to rich, vibrant blues and dramatic black.

Browse Middle Eastern Abayas At Karim London

There is no online store with such commitment to the design and manufacture of quality garments. All of our customers are blown away by the amount of time and level of detail we implement into each design and clothing item.

Don’t miss out – if you have any questions about our stock of Muslim abayas or wish to place an order, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team at Karim London on 0203 719 4627 today.

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